did you ever have a really sad mavin say something video? or was it someone else? >_<

yeah, it was me. i put it on unlisted because it was getting some negative comments that were making me feel down. it should be under this tag, where i think you can still view it

Out of curiosity - what do you do for a living?

I’m unemployed at the moment. I lost my job while I was at uni and decided to start looking again once I’d finished my course. I fell pregnant a few weeks before I finished so I’ve remained unemployed throughout my pregnancy. I’m bored as heck but as soon as I have the bubba, I’ll be out there looking!!

i had my 20 week scan today

i’m gonna be having a little girl


do not think about your crush in an old sweatshirt with scruffy hair and a sleepy smile ok dont think about them humming to themselves as they make breakfast in this attire ok dont think about how the light hits them as they sit down across from you and eat breakfast ok just dONT

Tip for baby names: make sure the name doesn't end in the same sound your last name starts with. Also Cora is a beautiful name.

his last name is Houldey, so luckily, quite a lot fits with it (i’ll be taking his name when we eventually get married so we’re naming our child with his last name)

i have a vague list of baby names. i wanted something unique, which is what’s made it so difficult:


izzyismyqueen replied to your post: i find out the gender of my baby in a …

have you thought about luigi

it shall be luigi

Don’t you get it? I chose you, over anyone else. I always fucking choose you.
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i find out the gender of my baby in a few days and i decided to go on a baby name spree

choosing baby names is the most stressful thing ever like

this kid is gonna have this name for the rest of its life and i’m responsible for choosing it. they’re gonna have this name called out in school, shouted by their friends etc etc

how the fuck am i supposed to pick

if any ice bucket challenge was going to get me to donate, it’d be this one 

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