I can’t be the only one who actually keeps salt in their room, right?

(I have had some questions about why table salt belongs on my shrine…)

  1. sergeantjamesb-barnes said: You’re not the only one. I have two salt shakers in my room. Just in case lol
  2. ifonlynotnever said: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually just filled a tasteful container with salt and put it in my room. Just in case.
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    Of course not, how else are hunters supposed to sleep?
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    This goes to my ‘things to do’ list.
  6. atrobel said: Nope I keep salt in my room. Totally normal in my household though…we’re weird.
  7. boxofchocolatebunnies said: those have to be the coolest salt containers I have ever seen.
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