i just really want dean to baby cas for a bit

  • like, cas finds out about cigarettes and he just lights up one day and dean just grabs it and stamps it out and is like ‘no’ even though cigarettes can’t kill an angel
  • or he finds out cas has been drinking and even though he’s only drinking a little and dean’s probably drunk more than cas has or ever will, he monitors cas’s alcohol intake and forbids him from having more
  • maybe cas tries to teach himself to drive and when dean finds out he flips because cas on the road - even with angel mojo - is ‘too dangerous’
  • or cas accidentally cuts himself with a knife while trying to practice cooking - since he’d come back from purgatory he’d picked up cooking as a hobby - and dean just freaks out and bandages the cut even though cas can heal it in a heartbeat
  • and after every hunt they do, dean checks on sam, then runs over to cas, presses hands into his shoulders, just so he knows he’s safe and he’s there
  • idk i just really want dean to be all mother hen and to worry about cas more and then for cas to turn around and kiss him on the forehead and be like ‘don’t look out for me, dean. look out for sam. look out for yourself. i’m not going anywhere’ and then for dean to just hug him and hold on tight because even though cas says that he can’t quite bring himself to believe it
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