so this is my new tattoo (it looks a little uneven in the second pic because of the angle)

i would just put a picture up, but this tattoo needs explaining. it looks a little tacky at first glance - what with it being black hearts - but there is a meaning behind it. and here it is:

a few months back i was going through a real low moment. i’d break down on the bus to uni, i’d cry as i was falling asleep, i’d have panic attacks when i went outside. i just had this constant pull in the pit of my stomach that was bringing me down and as much as i tried to distract myself, there were times when i’d be brought back up, only to fall harder when i was left alone

i discovered roosterteeth. their minecraft lets plays managed to pull me out, temporarily, of any slump i was in. that’s where the inspiration came from. the health meter on minecraft is hearts

and then there’s those who helped me. nell, paula, erin, osric, so many other people - as well as people i know offline - brought me back up. after a month, i was back to normal

this tattoo is basically a symbol - for me - that it gets better. and it’s okay to not be 100% all the time, because no one is

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